Africa Writers Academy

Background and General

Background and General

The African Writers Academy (AWA) was established to assist writers of all abilities to pursue their goal of publication whether it be in magazines, books, journals, newspapers or on the radio or the television. The major purpose of this initiative is to promote and nature writing and reading within the African context. Writing, directly and indirectly, fosters and enhances the development of a culture of reading. AWA is the subsidiary or unit of Ilitha Publishers.

Our Mission & Our Vision
Our Mission

The Mission of The African Writers Academy (AWA) is to discover, train and educate African writers across the Continent.

Our Vision

The African Writers Academy (AWA) aspires to be the best regarded national, continental and international model in writing and publishing distingished as:

* A service that embraces a national perspective;

* A service that embraces a continental perspective 


* A service that gives the best to Africa through its

   writing and publication activities.

Our Aim & Our Goal

Our Aim

Our aim is to train, support and advise African writers from all walks of life.


Our Goal

The African Writers Academy (AWA) has as its strategic goal to promote, assist and sustain excellence in

writing and in publishing.

Our Values

Our Values

Our values are the basic principles underlying everything that the Academy does and making it what it is. The following are the core values embraced by the Academy:

* A focus on professionalism;

* A focus on quality;

* A focus on honesty and integrity and

* A focus on achieving excellent standards. 

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The African Writers Academy (AWA) will constantly, consistantly and continuously strive to:

* Emphasise productiviy, quality and efficiency;

* Explore collaborative means with similar ventures and

* Adhere to professional performance benchmarks.


The Objectives of AWA include:

* To encourage excellence and cultural relevance in African


* To promote a reading culture grounded in African knowledge 


* To promote through writing and visual arts, ideas and ideals that     would enhance national and regional socio-cultural       


* To promote the development and growth of writing and visual 


* To promote writing in indigenous African languages.

* To become an Africa-wide Centre in the promotion of writing.

* To develop and promote tangible and intangible cultural values.

* To promote active collaboration between African countries 

   through the sharing of reading-learning   materials.

* To establish Recognition Awards for writing and publishing 

   excellence in Africa.



The African Writers Academy (AWA) has identified three groups of participants:

* New writers

* Young (budding) writers (up and coming)

* Seasoned (established) writers



The African Writers Academy (AWA) will focus on the following:

* Schools (pre-primary, primary and secondary)

* Tertiary institutions

* General readership

* Film

* Radio

Publications & Core Activities

The end product of activities at The African Writers Academy (AWA) will be:

* Books

* Magazines

* Newspapers

* Journals


Core Activities

The African Writers Academy (AWA) will focus on the following areas:

* Workshops / laboratories

* Lectures / Classes

* Training

Bienneal Event

Bienneal Event

The African Writers Academy (AWA) will celebrate the African Literary Awards in recognition of the crucial role that writing and publishing play not only in the development of culture of reading but also in addressing political, social, cultural and economic realities facing the African continent.


The African Literary Awards coordinated by The African Writers Academy (AWA) will be a bienneal event.



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